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  October 2017
From the Desk of Deb: Storytelling Festival for Fall
The Best New Books: Animal Lovers, Family, Page-Turners
Ask the Librarian: Why don’t I see AR, Scholastic Reading Counts, and
  Lexile information on my newest Junior Library Guild selections?


    September 2017
    From the Desk of Deb: Four Ways to Build a Better Book Club
    The Season's Top Picks
    Ask the Librarian: I want to start a book club. How do I fund it?




August 2017

From the Desk of Deb: Six Mistakes Booktalkers Make
Muzzy BBC + Your Library=Bilingual Children
Ask the Librarian: How do you respond to a kid who says “I hate reading?”








July 2017


From the Desk of Deb: Summer R & R: Experiment with Technology
26 More Ways to Enjoy Summer R & R for KidLit Champions Like You!
10 JLG Selections Receive 2017 CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Children's Books Awards
Now Arriving: JLG's Fall 2017 Titles
Ask the Librarian: I have some really great books that aren’t circulating. How can I get my kids to read them?




May 2017

April 2017

From the Desk of Deb: The Power of the Story in the Library: Everyday Advocacy
Ask the Librarian: How Can I Do My Job without Consuming Myself?
Introducing New Spanish Categories

February 2017

January 2017

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