Hatshepsut of Egypt

by Shirin Yim Bridges

Illustrations by Albert Nguyen

Part of a Series: The Thinking Girl 's Treasure of Real Princesses.

Libraries can never have enough books on this ancient civilization that is the subject of so many reports. This title, portraying a female Egyptian’s daily life, will fill a gap in many collections. The introduction peers over explorers’ shoulders at the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, going on to expose the fallacy that all of the wealth there was his; in fact, Bridges informs readers, much of it was accumulated by Princess Hatshepsut. The chatty narrative describes the princess’s family and their many intrigues that led to her becoming Pharaoh, a situation that had previously been unimaginable; her experiences while establishing trading relationships with nearby countries; and attempts to wipe her from the historical record after her death. Along the way, readers will learn, in the narrative and in full-page sidebars, valuable details about a rich Egyptian’s diet, goods that were available through trade, and other aspects of Egyptian history. The narrative is accompanied by attractive pen-and-watercolor illustrations depicting scenes from the princess’s life, reproductions of period art, and photos of famous temples and of artifacts such as Tutankhamun’s throne and canopic jars. An important addition to library shelves.
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ISBN: 9780984509805

JLG Release: March 2011

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Series Nonfiction: Social Studies 3-5

Grades 3-5


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